Structural reinforcement

Tearing concrete, steel structures, injecting with cement emulsion and epoxy resins

In a wide range of our services, we also offer structural reinforcement. It consists of: Tricking concrete

Turning is a concreting that is done under pressure through the pneumatic hoses on the surface. This kind of concrete is being built and compressed at the same moment in the middle of the force emerging from the hose. Any substrate can be applied, in any shape including vertical and horizontal surfaces above the head Steel constructions

Designing and designing steel structures and substructures and reinforcements. Injection with cement emulsion and epoxy resins

Injection is the injection of liquids or herbs into cavities and pore pockets or structures to achieve watertightness, consolidation, consolidation or homogenization. The procedure is applied when digging a building pit, filling up the cavities in the wall, constructing protective curtains on the dams, securing loose materials underneath the foundation, securing materials behind the tunnel cover, repairing parts of the building, repairing bridges, etc. For injection, cement mortar or epoxy resins are most commonly used.

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